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Project: Tulip napkin


Veja aqui as etapas para o guardanapo em formato de tulipa.

Try this simply stylized tulip design to brighten up your table.


By Doris Kuhn

Entirely different than many of the beautiful, three-dimensional and often also time-consuming designs depicted in this book, yet at the same time no less charming, this simply stylized tulip is a stunning example of a flat napkin form.

This attractive and simple design not only catches the eye with understated elegance, but also proves to be extremely adaptable. Created from fine cloth napkins 16 by 16 inches in size, the tulip turns into a striking statement that brings a touch of class to any great table. Folded from colourful paper napkins, the tulip is a delightful springtime accent to your less formal gatherings.

Folding instructions

1 Spread the napkin with the right or patterned side down so that it stands on its tip, in the shape of a diamond. Then bring the top corner down over the bottom, folding in half to form a triangle.

2 Fold the lower tip of the triangle up to the middle of the upper edge.

3 Fold the pointed sides diagonally down so that they overlap, as shown in drawings 3 and 4.

4 The two tips that overlap at the lower end of the napkin are now each folded up along a line that matches the lower edge that lies beneath.

5 Fold the sides backward along a diagonal line and tuck them behind into one another.

6 Now you can lay the finished tulip flat across your plate.

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